How to get a quote for your trip

Once you've done a bit of research of your own, it's time to get a quote. Find out what we'll need from you in order to get you the best quote with the best prices for your trip. To provide you with a quote, we will need to know:

When you plan to set off

Some tickets are seasonal (i.e. have different prices depending on what time of year you depart). This can mean that by setting off a few days earlier of later than your original preferred date, you can save £100’s. We will advise you of any potential savings.  

Where you want to go

This may sound obvious, but we speak to people daily who have been told by other travel agencies (including other companies that claim to be round the world experts) that their ideal route isn’t possible.  At Travel Nation, we live and breathe round the world flights and pride ourselves on being able to quote for any round the world itinerary.

To get an idea of prices, have a play with the interactive tool on our website where you can see example round the world routings either by looking up price bands or by selecting which parts of the world you want to include. The examples here are only the tip the iceberg designed to give you a flavour of what is possible. We are able to quote on any route.

If there are any specific dates on your trip

You may have specific dates to visit some or all destinations, or want to nail your whole trip down and get tours, hotels and car or campervan hire sorted out before you set off. We are experts in putting together itineraries that maximise flight availability and schedules to give you the best possible trip.

If you also want to book ground arrangements

We do much more than construct round the world flight bookings. We also offer great deals on hotels, tours, tailor made itineraries, campervans, bus passes and rail journeys. 
If you intend to pre-book more than just your flights, ask us for a quote. The benefit of booking everything under one roof is that we will save you countless hours of research and co-ordinate all of your arrangements onto one easy to read document. We will also act as a single point of contact or any issues that arise.

And finally…

When you call us for a quote, we recommend you have a world map, a calendar and a cup of tea handy. We’ll take the time to understand your plans and work with you to give you some options. 

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