Round the world camping trip

Love the outdoor life? How about a round the world camping trip, travelling overland through the Americas, on to New Zealand and Australia before venturing on to Africa? With such vast distances and varied terrain these destinations really suit this style of travel, there's no better way to get off the beaten track.

Round the world camping trip idea

London > New York // Coast to Coast trip to San Francisco > Cancun // Central American Journey trip to San Jose - Lima // Peru on a Shoestring trip to Cuzco > Auckland // Best of New Zealand trip round New Zealand > Adelaide // Outback to the Red Centre trip to Alice Springs > Johannesburg // Johannesburg to Nairobi trip to Nairobi > London

Price including all tours, flights and pre-payable taxes from £8,995 per person.

Included in this itinerary

Or, if you’d rather do your own thing, how about renting a campervan in Australia or in New Zealand?


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