South America airpass and ideas for travelling around South America

An amazingly diverse continent, South America spans more than 4,500 miles from top to bottom, meaning you’ll need to plan how you’re going to be travelling.

In addition to travelling around South America using internal flights, we can help you explore by hop-on/hop-off bus (for example Bamba Bus) or with a small group trip which includes all your travel. Here are some key pointers to help you plan your trip.

1.South America airpass

Flights around South America can sometimes seem rather expensive and complex compared with getting around in Europe or Asia where there are many competing low cost airlines – so we can help you work out the best way to fly. If it's cost effective for you, we can arrange a South America airpass using different airlines to travel around.

2.Including internal South America flights in your main ticket

If you’re yet to book your international flights, it can be better value to combine your internal South American flights into your main ticket.

For example, it’s often cheaper to buy flights from London to Buenos Aires and include Iguassu Falls on the international ticket compared to the cost of buying a return ticket and adding on a separate internal flight or using a separate South America airpass.

Whatever your route, our flight experts will save you valuable time, effort and money. Even if you can’t find your preferred route online, that does not mean it can’t be done. We’ll listen to your requirements and come back with ideas for to help you create the very best flight options for you.

3.Overland ideas for travelling in South America

Despite the distances, there are several great options! If you want to travel independently, we can book amazingly flexible hop-on/hop-off bus passes, so you can make your own way around (and all bus journeys can be changeable online as you go).

Another option is to join a small group trip. These are well organised, take you off the beaten track and have the benefit of including all off your accommodation, transport along the way, plus some meals and other fees – they’re a great value option and a sociable way to travel. See all our South America group trips – some our favourites include:

Brazil air pass

The sheer size of Brazil means flights are a common choice for plenty of people looking to explore. We do offer a Brazil airpass, but as with internal South America flights in general, there are multiple other cost effective (mostly cheaper) ways for us to find internal flights in Brazil.

It’s best to contact us to discuss where you’d like to go and we can come up with some great options to suit you, be that Brazil flights, buses or a small group trip.

Interested in travelling in South America?

If you’re planning a trip, we can help with every aspect, including round the world flights that include South America, single-continent multi-stops in South America, accommodation, transport and group trips. For more advice and to book, call our team on +44 1273320580 or make an enquiry by email.

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