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Heading down to Australia and New Zealand is the perfect opportunity to explore the South Pacific islands. Try one of our single continent itineraries with stops in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, French Polynesia or the Cook Islands.

Australia and New Zealand are hugely popular destinations for a round the world ticket, but what many people don’t realise is that heading down under is the perfect opportunity to explore islands in the South Pacific you would otherwise miss or find too expensive to visit with direct flights.

We specialise in building complex flight itineraries, so if you want to combine your Sydney or Auckland stops with a trip out to the South Pacific islands – we’ll show you how.

Australasia multi-stop flights

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Which Pacific island?

[Infographic] Everything you need to know about the South Pacific islands in a (coco)nut shell
Each island offers idyllic white sand beaches, swaying palms and a pace of life you’ll find hard to leave behind. The Cook Islands make a great choice if you want to experience Polynesian beach life without any hotel chains; Fiji is ideal for a spot of island-hopping on the popular Yasawa flyer or backpacker exploration by bus with Feejee Experience and French Polynesia is a huge draw for lagoon swimming and over water bungalows. For a visual round-up - have a look at our infographic: Everything you need to know about the South Pacific islands in a (coco)nut shell.

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