Get more from your RTW Ticket

Working out how much to spend on your round the world ticket is a balancing act but we're here if you need guidance and we're happy to help. Simply call us on +44 1273320580 or get a quote by email.

How to get the best value from your RTW ticket

  • Be flexible about your departure date (e.g a fare departing 30June can be up to £300 cheaper than 01July)
  • Consider changing a destination or two on our advice if you're looking to save some money (e.g. flying into Singapore may be cheaper than Kuala Lumpur and they're only a few hours apart by train)
  • Book as early as possible - RTW tickets tend to be set fares because rather than a last minute week in the Med, you're buying a series of scheduled airfares. RTW fares are kept cheap because only a limited number of seats exist on each flight for RTW passengers. Fares tend to rise, especially as aviation fuel costs increase
  • Fly to a main airport hub (a big city) but use budget airlines to get around once you’re there (this works especially well in Asia)
  • Think about some surface travel for example an overland tour, bus pass, rail journey or self-drive (car hire/campervan) options.

Don't believe your route is impossible!

We often hear from passengers who have been advised by other agents, 'you can’t include that stop on your trip, or 'you can’t fly there'. Fortunately, the reality is very different, we have lots of detailed experience of how RTW flights work and our ethos is anything is possible!

The best advice is to be really honest about your plans as we will be honest with you - just tell us your dream trip and we'll do the rest. There are so many permutations to what you can achieve and with such a huge range of airfares at our fingertips, we genuinely can create any itinerary.

Don't compromise if you can afford it! If this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, the £100 you save by flying into a cheaper city but missing somewhere you really wanted to go is probably a false economy. However, if you do want to scale it back because it's over budget that's not a problem - we'll include as many 'dream stops' as possible without compromising your trip.

We'll maximise the number of stops on your ticket

We'll happily advise on opportunities to add value to your trip or free extra stopovers. Don't assume you can do it cheaper yourself or choose an airport because a friend suggested it might be cheaper to fly there - we can make lots of exciting routes for you, just tell us what you fancy.

Take advantage of our travel specialists' advice

All our consultants are seasoned travellers with masses of industry experience, so we know all the tips and tricks to get the best value from your ticket. For example if you want internal flights in Australia, we may have a surprisingly cheap option for you that can be included in your tickets (generally far cheaper than budget airlines!). Just ask for advice and we'll make it happen!

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