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All of the Travel Nation staff have been on adventure tours (part of our training!), so we’re able to answer most questions and give impartial advice on what trips might suit you. Here are some common questions about adventure tours.

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  • What will my tour companions be like?

    An adventure tour can consist of anything from a 10 day trip to a longer expedition where there could be 15 of you travelling on a converted truck across Africa. It’s more than likely you’ll be in the company of like-minded people taking time to explore the same part of the world as you, in the same way.

    When you’re travelling, your whole metabolism slows down and most people’s real personalities come out, including of course, your own! That means you will likely get on fine, have fun and get to know people much more easily than usually happens at home. Most people come away with great memories and a handful of people who they stay in touch with long after the trip has finished.

    Don’t forget that people bring their own skills and interests. You may find yourself camped in the Okavango Delta in Botswana with a chef, an ornithologist and an astronomer.

  • Will I be the only person travelling alone?

    That’s unlikely. Usually over half of these trips are made up of solo travellers.

  • Can I stay longer in one place?

    There is some flexibility, especially on the longer trips, where half of the appeal is that you simply cannot predict where you will be on a particular day. If you want to hang out somewhere for longish periods of time, this type of travel won’t suit you. That said, some people begin their travels on one of these trips and continue travelling at their own pace after the trip finishes.

  • What’s the ‘kitty’?

    On some trips a kitty is used to pay for food. Payment is made locally at the beginning of the trip, to your trip leader/driver. If there is money left over at the end, it can be refunded - or more often than not, it is used for an end-of-trip knees up!

  • Can I book pre-tour accommodation?

    Yes. We can normally pre-book great value accommodation in a hotel near where your trip begins and ends.

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