Family round the world trip

Most parents would agree that sometimes just getting the kids up, dressed and out of the house is a mission. So the idea of a family round the world trip is surely mission impossible? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

It’s not so long ago that the suggestion of taking a gap year conjured up images of fresh-faced adolescents heading off into the big wide world for a great adventure before university. Well, the days are long gone when taking time out to travel was the preserve of a lucky few. More and more families are making the decision to switch off their TV, pack away the Play Station and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Of course everyone’s circumstances are different, but if you have even a few weeks to spare - travelling the world together is still an achievable ambition.

With careful planning and some expert advice (which is where we come in), taking time out with your family to travel round the world can be an exciting and fulfilling reality. Having kids needn’t mean shelving all opportunities for adventure until they have flown the nest. Travelling together is an incredibly enriching experience for the whole family which leaves you with memories and shared experiences that will stay with you forever.

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Our experience booking family round the world trips

Many of us at Travel Nation are lucky enough to be parents with first-hand experience of travelling around the world with kids. When paired with our industry experience, we're perfectly positioned to plan and book your travel:

  • We’re experts in arranging multi-stop flights (with family-friendly flight times wherever possible)
  • Our specialists can make recommendations and book all aspects of your trip; family-friendly tours, hotels with pools, campervans, car hire and comprehensive insurance
  • We offer an exciting range of family tours, if you want to get off the beaten track but are a little daunted about how to make the most of each destination. We'll ensure you have plenty of free time and opportunity to travel with an expert guide and like-minded families - tours are a highly recommended option in countries where the language can be a barrier.

Our family-friendly holidays and group tours

We can help you arrange an independent family holiday anywhere in the world, with child-friendly flights, transfers, accommodation and tours. We can also book you on to a family group tour where your kids can make friends with others during the trip, giving you more chance to unwind will they play!

Here are a few proven, family-friendly tours we recommend. Prices are per person (excluding flights). There is usually a discount for children so please contact us for an accurate price and more tour information.

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Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific

We can put together an amazing itinerary for your family if you're interested in exploring Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific (Fiji, Cook Islands, Tahiti). We have great rates on campervans, family-friendly accommodation and a host of other arrangements that will guarantee you an enjoyable family adventure.

Why take a family gap year?

There will always be countless reasons why now isn’t the right time for your family to take the plunge, but here are just a few compelling reasons that might persuade you that now is the best time:

  • Educational value – what better way for your kids to learn about other cultures, languages, wildlife and natural phenomena than by experiencing these for themselves? If your children are of school age, many schools are very understanding and can appreciate the educational benefits of experiencing new places and different ways of life
  • Timing - Travelling when kids are young is a unique opportunity to take some time out together before the pressures of exams and coursework become a reality. Not only will it will be an amazing experience for the kids but this kind of trip also adds another dimension to your experience; you’ll see some incredible sights through your child’s eyes
  • Cost - It’s actually cheaper to travel with kids when they’re young as you’ll get discounts on their travel. As a guide to round the world tickets, if your child is under two they’ll get up to a 90% discount on the adult price, although bear in mind that they won’t get a seat at that price. If they are aged 2-11 they’ll normally get a discount of around 25% on the adult fare.
  • Quality time and shared experiences – travelling can be an unbeatable way to bond as a family. It certainly won’t come without inevitable stress like airport delays, long car journeys and sibling squabbles; but there’s no better way to really get to know your family and see your kids develop and grow. Breaking away from the day to day routine of home life can help you relax and enjoy each other’s company, and you’ll share some experiences you’ll happily reminisce about for the rest of your lives
  • Time to take stock – especially at a time when the economic situation can seem bleak, taking time out to reflect on your career and your lifestyle away from home can in itself be invaluable.

Keeping a family blog?

If your family is planning to keep up a blog or online photo diary of your trip whilst you're away, or when you're back, we'd love to hear about your travels and any hints and tips we can share.

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