Top 10 things to do in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls, also known as 'the Smoke that Thunders'
1. Experience the magnificence of Victoria Falls, known locally as ‘The Smoke that Thunders’, one of the most impressive natural sights in Africa

Bungee jumping over Victoria Falls is a massive adrenaline rush
2. Get an adrenaline rush by taking the famous bungee jump over Victoria Falls – it’s not for the faint-hearted but if you’re going to do it, this spot is absolutely incredible!

Spot elephants in Hwange National Park
3. Spot wildlife in Hwange National Park, home to a huge population of elephants as well as lions, African wild dogs and cheetahs

The Chimanimani Mountains, Zimbabwe
4. Hike in the Chimanimani Mountains, a fantastic opportunity to experience Zimbabwe and appreciate the natural flora and fauna of the country

Why not try white-water rafting?
5. White water raft your way down the lower Zambezi River, where the foaming rapids are known as some of the best in Africa

Watch the sun set on Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe
6. Rent a houseboat on Lake Kariba where you can fish from the world’s largest man-made lake whilst watching hippos laze in the sun

The Flame Lily is the national flower in Zimbabwe
7. Explore the National Botanical Gardens in Harare, where you’ll see all the indigenous plants of Zimbabwe as well as exotics from around the globe

Travel back in time at the Great Zimbabwe Ruins
8. Travel back in time at the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, where you’ll see buildings that date back to the 11th Century and gave the modern country its name

Elephant handler in a conservation park, Zimbabwe
9. Volunteer in a conservation park where you could help with research projects that protect the animal and bird life of Zimbabwe

Spot hippos and birds at Mana Pools, Zimbabwe
10. Visit the Mana Pools for excellent wildlife-watching opportunities, from hippos and Nile crocodiles to thirsty elephants and buffalo

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