Top 10 things to do in Uganda

1. Catch the ferry to the Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria for beautiful views, lush hikes and wide lakeside beaches

Uganda's gorillas make up half of the world's population
2. Gaze in awe at the endangered mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, where the 340 gorillas in Uganda make up half the world’s population

3. Explore the Kasubi Tombs in Kampala, the resting place of four kings of Buganda and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Elephants at Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda
4. Explore Queen Elizabeth National Park for sightings of hippos, elephants, lions and leopards living amongst the volcanic features of the park

Jinja is the adventure capital of Uganda
5. Jump into the adventure capital of Uganda, Jinja, where you can go kayaking, white-water rafting, river boarding and quad-biking to your heart’s content

6. Go hippo spotting at the Kazinga Channel, where the world’s largest concentration of hippos live side by side with Nile crocodiles

Try out some watersports on Lake Bunyonyi
7. Try out some watersports on Lake Bunyonyi before hiking through the hills and villages around the lake, enjoying the Ugandan countryside

Meet the chimps a Kibale Forest National Park
8. Meet the chimps a Kibale Forest National Park, where they swing from the trees with 12 other kinds of primate friends

Straddle the Equator!
9. Straddle the Equator. Just south of Entebbe lies the Equator where the customary handshake over the imaginary line is always worth a visit

10. Enjoy a coffee in the cafes of Entebbe. Coffee is Uganda’s top earning cop and sipping a cup in this bustling town is a great way to get under the skin of the country

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