Top 10 things to do in Tibet

1. Climb to the North Everest Base Camp. This camp can be accessed by vehicle and is slightly lower than the other base camp on the Nepali side of the mountain

2. Marvel at the ancient Potala Palace in Lhasa, the seat of the Dalai Lama since 637AD until the Tibetan Uprising in 1959

3. Visit the sacred Yamdrok Tso Lake, one of the four ‘Great Wrathful Lakes’ – it is said that if its waters were dry, Tibet would no longer be habitable

4. See the stunning Namtso Lake. Framed by wild peaks of the Himalayas, yaks walk down the shore of the glistening, blue waters in this beautiful area of Tibet

5. Try momos – a delicious dumpling filled with mined meat and either garlic, ginger or coriander

6. Trek to see Mount Kailash in western Tibet, one of the holiest mountains for both Buddhists and Hindus

7. Jump on the train from Beijing to Lhasa and experience the 48 hour long, highest train journey in the world with stunning views of the Tibetan Plateau

8. Yaks are everywhere in Tibet and with any luck you can have a go at riding one – it’s a little uncomfortable at first but you soon get used to it!

9. Visit the ruins of Sakya Monastery. Much of it was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution and Mongolian architecture is very different to the monasteries of Lhasa

10. Try a tour from Nepal overland into Tibet, the striking similarities of the two areas are obvious but their unique appeals shows off their subtle differences

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