Tibet Travel Guide

Drink yak butter tea and trek through the Himalayas, enter the monasteries of Lhasa and learn about the Dalai Lama. Discover a magical world of chanting monks and silent mountains, where the planet’s highest peaks border its biggest plateau. Isolated until the 1980s, this sacred kingdom is subject to controversial Chinese control, yet clings fiercely to its Buddhist beliefs and traditional Tibetan culture.

Experience the capital city of Lhasa and meet the monks at Jokhang Temple – the country’s spiritual heart. Visit remote rural villages and Tibet’s oldest monastery, experience Yambulagang Palace or buy prayer wheels at Shigatse bazaar. Kayak down the rivers, trek in the highlands and look for snow leopards as you cross the Tibetan Plateau. Sidestep the tourist trails and hike to the holy Mount Kailas, or take on the challenge of climbing to Everest base camp.

  • Population at last count:
    Time Zone:
    GMT +8
    Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY)
    Flight time from UK:
    9 Hours

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