Samoa Travel Guide

Blue lagoons and rugged cliffs, volcanic sands and coral reefs, the remote Samoan archipelago is dominated by two alluring islands. On the busiest island of Upolu, the city of Apia is alive with vibrant food markets and late night bars. Dip in for a day before discovering the island’s real treasures of remote mangroves, ocean-fed pools and steamy national parks.

A ferry-hop away, the larger, quieter and wilder island of Savaii is scarred by lava fields and blessed with pristine beaches. Here, you can peer into gaping craters on the island’s central ridge or feel the force of blow holes on the stormy Taga coast, then drench your hair beneath plunging waterfalls or trek into the jungle where ancient remains lie beneath the green.

[Infographic] Everything you need to know about the South Pacific islands in a (coco)nut shell

Which South Pacific island?

  • Population at last count:
    Time Zone:
    GMT +13
    Tala (WST)
    Flight time from UK:
    30 Hours
    Language(s) spoken:
    Samoan, English

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