Top 10 things to do in the Philippines

The beaches of Borocay are some of the best in the world
1. The incredible white beaches of Boracay are hard to beat and are often voted as the best beaches in the world. Grab a cocktail and enjoy

Climb the picturesque volcano of Taal
2. Climb the picturesque volcano of Taal on the island of Luzon and enjoy the views of Crater Lake in the centre and the surrounding islands

Enjoy views of the Chocolate Hills
3. Enjoy the views of the Chocolate Hills, little hills covered with a grass that turns brown in the dry season and creates a pretty, chocolate box view!

Enjoy the view across the bay towards El Nido
4. Marvel at the karst rocks of El Nido, where quiet beaches and mysterious jungles are surrounded by the clear seas of Palawan

Wander around Manila's beautiful cathedral
5. Enjoy the grounds of Manila cathedral, where dappled light shines through the trees in the courtyards around the beautiful basilica

Enjoy some of the very best diving
6. Diving in Coron is an absolute must – the sunken Japanese warships between 10 – 40m offshore are exciting to explore and easy to see in the clear water

Try some delicious Filipino food
7. Try some Filipino food. Although not well known internationally, the Philippines has some delicious dishes – try Kaldereta, longganisa and the tasty chicken adobo

Sail between the islands on a banca (traditional Filipino out-rigger boat)
8. Sail between the islands on a banca (traditional Filipino out-rigger boat) and enjoy the sea breeze in your hair as you cruise around the Philippines

Surfs up in Siargao!
9. Surfs up in Siargao, where ‘Cloud 9’ is an internationally famous wave that people flock to ride from all corners of the globe

Get from A-B on a colourful Jeepney
10. Jump aboard a colourful, kitsch and often crowded, Jeepney to get from A-B

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