Campervans in New Zealand

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Why travel by campervan in New Zealand?

Britz Voyager campervan
Driving distances in New Zealand are comfortable so it's easy to visit lots of places with your campervan. That said, if you want to see both islands, don’t under estimate the journey - we recommend at least 4 weeks to do both islands justice.

When it comes to places to sleep, there are plenty of public campsites with great amenities, but in peak season (December to February), we recommend booking ahead to guarantee a spot. New Zealand's Department of Conservation (DoC) offers some campsites (some paid, some free) with varying facilities and these are set in great locations and well-maintained, but tend to be more basic.

If you’re thinking about a campervan trip, read our top tips for campervan hire in New Zealand for some first-hand advice. If you're after road trip ideas, check out these 5 Unspoilt New Zealand road trips, or see our blog on how to travel around New Zealand.

Where Travel Nation can help and how to book

Don’t worry if you have no idea about what gadgets each van is fitted with and where you can and can’t ‘free camp’ in New Zealand – that’s where we have experience. Our consultants have travelled all over New Zealand so they’ll help you plan the perfect route and suggest places to stay along the way.

We work with all the leading campervan hire companies in New Zealand, which means we can offer some of the best vehicles and rental rates, which we will check across the board before you book. Booking in advance protects your money, guarantees your chosen vehicle will be available and gives you a consultant who can deal with any questions or concerns.

Simply contact us for advice on the best model to suit you or request a quote by email. Demand for campervans in New Zealand peaks in December, January and February so we recommend booking well in advance for travel in these months.

Best New Zealand campervan prices

Budget campervan

From £17 / day *

Family campervan

From £29/ day *

Luxury campervan

From £39 / day *

* Budget campervan prices based on a minimum 21 day hire
* Family campervan prices based on a minimum 21 days hire

What should you think about?

Here are a few things so think about before hiring your campervan in New Zealand:

  • Are you traveling on a shoestring and just need a basic model?
  • Do you need an on-board toilet/shower?
  • Do you want a new model, or would an older/higher mileage vehicle suit?
  • How much comfort/luxury do you need? (We have luxury models and you can break your journey with hotels/lodges too)
  • Would you prefer to pay more but reduce the insurance excess to zero?
  • Are you travelling with children?
  • Would you prefer a larger berth van with more space inside?
  • What bed configuration do you need in terms of doubles/singles/bunks?


Budget Campervans in New Zealand

Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown

Budget campervans in New Zealand are aimed at backpackers and those who just want a bed and some wheels. They have more miles on the clock, but they’re clean and practical. Generally you won’t find a toilet or a shower i and they may not be equipped to deal with child seats either, but you will get good value for money and an easy drive. You can usually hire from aged 18 and up, sometimes with a higher bond for younger drivers

From £39 per day

Luxury Campervans - New Zealand

Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown

If you're looking for a brand new, modern campervan, these are the vans for you! Maui, Apollo and Star RV and the best brands to offer high-specification vehicles fitted out with the utmost of comfort in mind, including on-board showers and toilets plus a host of other extras – and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

From £29 per day

Family Campervans - New Zealand

Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown

Enjoy time together in a comfortable campervan, getting away from real life back home and taking in the highlights of New Zealand during your time away. We have a wide range of vans perfect for family travel – whether you’ve got a young toddler or a rabble of rowdy kids, there is a van to suit your needs. Consider a vehicle a little older if you’re on a budget, or go for a newer brand if you want to splash out on a little more comfort

From £22 per day

Practical Campervans - New Zealand

Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown

These campervans are newer than the budget brands and offer good value for money. If you’re travelling as a couple but want some extra space why not consider a 4 berth? Almost the same price. Generally these vehicles have the a toilet and shower. Consider asking for a model without a bathroom if you want to keep the cost of your van down.