Top 10 things to do in Nepal

Set off on a safari in Chitwan National Park
1. Embark on an elephant safari through Chitwan National Park, you could spot rhinos, birds, sloth bears, various wild cats and if you’re lucky, the clouded leopard and maybe even the elusive tiger

Pokhara sits alongside the beautiful Lake Phewa
2. The city of Pokhara sits alongside the beautiful Lake Phewa and is an excellent base for trekking as well as offering adventure sports and a huge range of diverse restaurants

Explore the colorful markets and streets of Kathmandu
3. Explore the markets of Kathmandu from huge arrays of colourful materials and clothes to delicious street food stands just waiting to be tasted

Ariving at Everest Base Camp is an unparalleled experience
4. For the adventurous climber, the trip to Everest Base Camp is an unparalleled experience in the world of climbing and comes with a massive sense of achievement on arrival at the camp

Bhaktapur is traffic-free and full of temples and shrines
5. Traffic-free Bhaktapur is a delightful city to spend time in – timeless stone streets winding around the centre with temples and shrines on every corner

Annapurna is one of the most difficult climbs in the world
6. Trekking the famous mountain Annapurna is a fantastic way to experience Nepal but only for the most experienced climber – it is one of the most challenging climbs in the world

7. Take a scenic flight over the Himalayas – the perfect way to experience the mountains for those not sure about climbing

8. Taste some of Nepal’s delicious cuisine. Daal bhaat is the most famous - a dish of spicy lentils with rice and vegetables, it is delicious

Lumbini is a holy place for all Buddhists
9. Experience the centre of Buddhism by visiting the Buddha’s birthplace of Lumbini. A holy place for all Buddhists

10. Visit Langtang National Park and enjoy Gosaikunda Lake, glossy and reflective of the mountains and landscape around it

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