Top 10 things to do in Costa Rica

Tapir in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica
1. Explore Corcovado National Park and its abundant wildlife, from tapirs and anteaters rustling about on the forest floor to White-nosed coatis and spider monkeys high in the canopy

Toucan, Costa Rica
2. Go bird-watching in Arenal Volcano National Park where over 850 species of bird can be found in the shadow of the stunning volcano

Surfers on Tamarindo beach, Costa Rica
3. Head to Tamarindo for great surfing on wide open beaches; the laid-back town is a great place to hang your hat for a few days and get stuck into the surf

Relax on the beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park
4. Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park where water sports in the crystalline waters include diving, snorkelling and sea kayaking

Learn about Costa Rica's coffee industry
5. Learn about Costa Rica’s coffee industry with a tour of a plantation to see the production process from farm to a steaming cup of coffee

Thrillseekers can get up above the tree canopy in Monteverde
6. Try your hand at zip lining through the canopy, soaring over 2 miles with loads of viewing platforms to enjoy the rainforest below

Monteverde cloud forest, Costa Rica
7. Hike through Monte Verde cloud forest, where lush vegetation and exotic plants surround the trails and the rare Resplendent Quetzal lurks amongst the trees

Look for humpback whales at Marino Bellena National Park
8. Look for whales off shore from Marino Ballena National Park, named after the mighty humpbacks that migrate here each spring

Look no further than Playa Carrillo for glorious white sands
9. For white sands, fiery sunsets and rolling surf look no further than Playa Carrillo. Framed by the mountains of Costa Rica the empty beaches of Carrillo are stunning

Laze on the Pacific coast beaches
10. Dive into Islas Tortuga off the Pacific coast, where scuba diving and snorkelling fill up the day before snoozing on the white beaches all afternoon

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