Top 10 things to do in Chile

  • Top 10 things to do in | Chile

Trek through Chile's spectacular Torres del Paine national park
1. Trek amongst soaring granite peaks and sparkling glacial lakes in the remarkable Torres Del Paine National Park

Cracks in the Atacama desert, Chile
2. Speed across the Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth to see salt flats, spouting geysers and flocks of flamingos

Cityscape, Santiago, Chile
3. Enjoy the atmospheric cafes and bars of the charming capital, Santiago

Take a flight to Easter Island and discover the mystical Moai heads
4. From Santiago take a trip to Easter Island's mysterious Moai statues perched on the cliff tops overlooking the Pacific

Valparaiso, Chile
5. Spend a few days in Valparaiso, a sophisticated beach resort set on a hillside bright with multi-coloured houses

Relax in the beautiful Lake District
6. Discover beautiful lakeside resorts in Chile's Lake District, rich in German culture and set against a spectacular backdrop of snow capped volcanoes

Chile produces some of the best wine in the world
7. Sample outstanding wines in the Casablanca Valley, between Santiago and the Pacific coast

Get up close to the native penguins on Isla Magdelana
8. Base yourself in Punta Arenas to get up close to the native wildlife in the Strait of Magellan

Surfer at Valparaiso, Chile
9. Surf the breaks on Chile's long Pacific coastline; Punta de Lobos is great for beginners, while the huge waves at 'El Gringo' will test even the most experienced surfer

Discover the lunar landscapes of Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley)
10. Discover the otherworldly lunar landscapes of Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley)