Backpacking in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country steeped in culture and rich in tradition with a dark history that still lingers, this country will shock and astound in equal measure. Be prepared to notice that Cambodia is poorer than neighbouring Vietnam, so backpacking here can be an all together different experience. That being said however, we promise that after spending time in Cambodia it will capture your heart and become one of your favourite destinations.

Explore the majestic Angkor Wat, learn about the dark history of the Khmer Rouge and the Killing Fields and spend time with the locals who, even after years of bloodshed and political instability will always be armed with a smile and a refreshing optimism that will both humble and amaze you. Cambodia promises one of the most authentic travel experiences in South-east Asia with vast areas still blissfully undeveloped and free from the tourist trail so prevalent elsewhere.

Group tours

Travelling with a group is a great way to meet like-minded companions and travel safely. With experienced local guides to lead the way you are guaranteed to learn so much about each place and step off the tourist trail. With everything paid up front, you’ll just have to budget for souvenirs and beers. We have a selection of YOLO tours designed for young travellers (18-35 year olds) plus a range of other great value group tours that suit the young at heart and those travelling on a budget.

For more advice, see our blog post 10 reasons to try a group tour. Remember, tours are great value because they include:

  • All accommodation
  • All local transports
  • Some meals
  • Some extras like national park entrance fees or local activities


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Stray bus passes

‘Stray’ hop-on/hop-off bus passes are a cheap, flexible and sociable option for backpackers and those on a budget in Cambodia. You’ll be travelling on a Stray-owned vehicle, with other like-minded travellers. You can stay with the same bus and group of friends along the route, of if you like the look of place, just hop off and spend some extra time there. When you want to leave, you can simply get on the next bus passing through.

Stray bus passes in Cambodia include all your local transport, local guides and some specified activities or entrance fees along the way. Accommodation is reserved for Stray passengers along the way if you want it, but you pay for accommodation locally, along with any additional day trips.




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