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  • Traditional wooden mask, Bhutan | Bhutan Travel Guide
    Traditional wooden mask, Bhutan
  • Tiger Nest Monastery, Bhutan
    Find Tiger Nest Monastery nestled on a mountain side
  • Wooden wall, Bhutan
    Colourful wooden walls and decorations are found throughout Bhutan
  • Archer, Bhutan
    Archery is the national obsession of Bhutan
  • Prayer wheels, Bhutan | Top 10 things to do in Bhutan
    Prayer wheels - it's time to get spiritual

The Land of Happiness is a remote Buddhist kingdom where success isn’t measured by money, and the environment comes before the economy. Fortress-like dzongs dot the highlands and rhinos roam the protected forests, with subtropical plains sitting in the south and Himalayan peaks rising in the north. Visitors are curbed by a minimum daily spend that puts the brakes on mass tourism and nurtures a unique country of ingrained traditions and pristine wilderness.

Touchdown in Paro and walk past the wooden shopfronts, then drive through a landscape of monasteries and stupas to reach Thimpu – the only capital city in the world without traffic lights. Trek into the mountains and follow Buddhist pilgrims to the Tiger’s Nest, or drive past prayer flags on the Dochu Laa pass. Come here to raft down the rivers, frolic in the festivals and bask in the rare beauty of a country that seems unfettered by modern life.

  • Population at last count:
    Time Zone:
    GMT +6
    Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN)
    Flight time from UK:
    10 Hours

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