Top 10 things to do in Antarctica

  • In South Georgia sit amidst 10,000 king penguins, elephant seals and barking fur seals
  • Spot humpbacks, Southern Rights, Minke and Orca whales from the deck, the rim of a zodiac or beneath your kayak.
  • Camp overnight on the ice – opt to spend a night pitched up in a small tent on the ice
  • Polar plunge – show people what you’re made of by taking a (supervised) dip in the icy waters
  • Kayaking – get even closer with the wildlife and icebergs; dodge a tumbling iceberg and hold your breath as a whale swims beneath
  • Send a post card from the world’s most southerly post office on Port Lockroy
  • Enjoy BBQ and bubbles on deck watching killer whales and tumbling icebergs closeby
  • Dive - for a unique view of ship wrecks and wildlife in the icy polar waters (experienced divers only)
  • Hike/Snowshoe/Ski-trekking in the footsteps of great explorers like Shackleton and Scott
  • Take a helicopter ride into the realm of the Emperor Penguins on Snow Hill Island

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