Date change service

However well you've planned your travels, often plans change.  So we provide a convenient date change service once you've started travelling. In our reservation system we'll co-ordinate all the changes you need in one place, which is much easier than calling every airline yourself. You can request a date change below.

Co-ordinating date changes directly with the airlines can be a complicated process as multi-stop tickets can include several carriers. Each airline uses a different reservation system and generally cannot make date changes for other airlines, even within the same alliance.

There are two types of date changes depending which ticket you’ve bought - if any fees and conditions apply to your tickets, we will explain them clearly on your booking confirmation:

1. Free date changes

A great feature of most round the world tickets is flexibility, with date changes often free of charge once you’re travelling. This applies to many of our tickets, so you can make unlimited dates changes (free of charge!) through Travel Nation whilst you travel.   

2. Chargeable date changes

On some tickets an airline fee and fare difference is payable, but we can co-ordinate these changes for you. Any date change fees we quote will include all airline fees, plus a nominal Travel Nation charge to reissue e-tickets and cover third party costs. 

Why is our date change service important?

We know what we’re doing –  we were the first company to offer a centralised date change service for round the world tickets and we have experience of processing thousands of changes on behalf of our customers.

It’s straightforward to get hold of your consultant directly by email or phone to process your date change and if he or she is away, another team member will get straight on to the task. In contrast, airlines are hard to get hold of and they often don't accept or respond promptly to emails, whilst phone calls involve lengthy waits on hold.  They also often charge an additional 'service fee' of anything between $25 and $100 USD over and above the published 'date change fee', even on tickets which can be changed for free. If you have multiple flights to change, it can involve co-ordinating multiple calls and fees to different airlines.

With our service – you’re guaranteed to speak to someone who speaks good English and understands how your ticket is constructed. Depending on where you are in the world, you have no guarantee of airline staff speaking good English or French, or understanding the complexities of tickets involving multiple carriers. We’ll make your changes swiftly, taking into account any changes that might be needed to your remaining flights.

We co-ordinate all your changes all in one place. Date changes are subject to seat availability, and everything is processed by us in one place saving you time and money on your travels. If a date you request isn’t available this can influence onward dates, so let us save you the headache and advise on all the options and ramifications.

Date Change Request

As is the case with booking your round the world ticket, the further in advance you request a date change, the better your chances of getting availability for the dates you want.

If you're looking to make an urgent amendment (i.e. for travel within 72 hours) please call our office on 0044 (0) 1273 320 580, during office hours, to ensure immediate processing of your request.

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Details of flights to change

Anything else?

On tickets where no airline date change fee applies, by clicking 'Request your date change now' you are committing to these changes if all seats requested are available on all new dates.

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