FAQs - Planning and booking

Questions about planning your trip? Things you should consider or how you actually go about booking something so complex? No problem - just check out our FAQs here:

  • Credit card charges - what will I pay?

    There is 0% surcharge when paying with any debit or credit card. You can pay online using our secure payment system here.

  • Deposit - how much do I need to pay?

    Once a deposit has been paid, every booking is double checked by a manager or supervisor before we send out your confirmation.

    On flight only bookings, a non-refundable deposit of £100 per person is payable. A larger deposit may be required depending on the type of ticket purchased, but your consultant will advise you on this.

    A non-refundable deposit of around 20% is normally required for hotels/tours/car hire. Full payment is normally due 10 weeks prior to departure, or sooner on some ticket types.

  • Financial protection - what happens if my airline goes bust?

    There have been a number of high profile airline insolvencies recently with stories of stranded passengers around the world. When booking with Travel Nation, we always take out 'scheduled airline failure insurance'. This means that in the event that an airline goes out of business, this scheme would provide a full refund on an unused airline ticket on which travel has yet to commence, or a pro rata refund if partly flown. This cover is not available from airlines if you book directly with them.

  • How long to travel for?

    Almost all round the world tickets are valid for one year and are date changeable once you have left the UK. Some have a minimum stay of 7 days but other than that the only factors determining your length of trip are your visa restrictions and lust for travel!

  • How competitive are your fares?

    We’re totally confident our fares are the best out there. However, there can be many different ways to make your route work and by cutting out some stops or tweaking the route a little you may get different offers.

    On a like-for-like quote basis we’re confident we will never be beaten on price. If you do come up with a cheaper offer on a similar route while planning your trip, please do come back to us as we will happily match any genuine quote if we are able to do so.

  • How much money do I need?

    This obviously varies depending on the duration and style of your trip, which countries you are going to and what your priorities are. If you are planning on a back-packing trip on a budget, there are plenty of 'pot-noodle travellers' out there getting by on £20 a day or less. Much also depends on how much you book and pay for before you go.

    In addition to being able to organise your flights, your Travel Nation consultant will also be able to offer you great deals on hotel accommodation, bus/rail passes and adventure tours and car/campervan hire. Apart from saving yourself leg-work when you arrive, organising these things in advance will help you to budget more easily when you are away.

  • Itinerary - can I see it online?

    Your confirmation documents give the details of each flight, airline, departure and arrival time and city.

    You can view your itinerary online and print off e-tickets here

  • Passports - machine readable, biometric, lost or stolen?

    Is my passport machine readable? A machine readable passport has the holder's personal details, e.g. name, date of birth, nationality and their passport number contained in two lines of text at the bottom of the photo page. This text may be read by machine. The circled two lines of text on this passport indicate that the passport is machine readable.

    Is my passport biometric? The Biometric British Passport (sometimes known as ePassport) has a new design with additional security features, including a chip. Externally, the new Biometric Passport appears very similar to the current one, although it also features a logo indicating that there is a chip inside. Internally there are many new security features including pages with intricate designs and new complex watermarks.

    If your UK passport was issued on or after 26 October 2006, you will need a biometric passport to enter the USA. If your UK passport was not issued in the UK, please check.

    What happens if I lose my passport? If you lose your passport before setting off on your round the world trip, you will need to get a new one as it is impossible to travel without a valid passport.

    You can get a ’fast track’ replacement passport in 4 hours at the London office on Eccleston Square at the back of Victoria Station (this service may also be possible at offices in Durham, Newport, Glasgow, Liverpool and Peterborough) for £130. The standard replacement fee is £77. The London office has extended opening hours, but is closed on Sundays. If you do find yourself in the stressful position of filling out the dreaded replacement passport application form, you will at least be treated to the delicious question ’where did you lose your passport’! The only other consolation is that if your old one wasn't, at least your new one will be biometric, which will save you time in immigration queues in some airports.

    If you are abroad, the nearest British Embassy or High Commission can issue you with replacement travel documents to get you back home and you then apply for a new passport when you get home. If you have onward travels, as is more likely if you on a round the world trip, embassies can also issue replacement passports for around £130.

  • Safety - is it safe to travel alone?

    As always, this is easier for men than for women. Don't worry about meeting other travellers. If you want to, you will.

    If you do want to visit a part of the world but do not want to do it by yourself, speak to one of our consultants about booking a tour. This way you will see everything you want to, but with added security of travelling with a group of like-minded people with an experienced tour leader.

    As well as providing you with the security of travelling with others, travelling in this way will also take the headache out of finding accommodation and sorting out transport.

  • Safety - is my destination safe?

    Staff at Travel Nation are well travelled and of course are in touch with regular travellers every day. We can often give you a good idea of what to expect in most parts of the world.

    The link to the Foreign Office website is constantly updated and widely accepted as giving excellent information. You should certainly follow any advice given here by the FCO.

  • Visas - can you arrange them for me?

    Yes, we can arrange your visas! Travel Nation have teamed up with worldwide visa specialists CIBT , to provide all your tourist and working visas.

    See our visa section for more info.

  • What are the benefits of booking with you as opposed to online?

    Booking a big trip can be a detailed process, so booking with us over the phone rather than online means we can talk you through every step of the way and reassure you. You'll have your own travel consultant who will look after you throughout your planning and booking and during the trip, and their work will be covered if they are not available.

    You can easily reach us by phone or email at any time and if you have questions or concerns, our team can talk to you in English, French or German. Once you start to travel you'll have access to our 24/7 emergency out of hours number in case anything urgent arises outside of our office hours.

    In terms of what we can offer you, we have no hidden loyalties to any particular airline or alliance, so we will always do a full market exercise on your behalf to find the best fare and most suitable carrier for your needs. In the unlikely event that your airline ceases trading, we will provide a refund and it's worth noting that this cover is not available from airlines if you book direct with them.

  • Work - is it possible to get fruit picking work in Australia?

    Greyhound Australia have produced this handy guide for working holiday visa holders who are interested in a working on farms at their busy harvest times. The attractions of fruit picking work in Australia are:

    1. Often unlimited work available, so you can go for it and work 12 hours a day for 7 days a week to give your traveling funds a quick cash injection

    2. There isn’t a lot to spend your money on in the middle of a massive farm, so you get to save more

    3. There is usually a great camaraderie among fellow fruit pickers with an impromptu ready-made rustic social life after the sun goes down (you know what we mean!)

    4. You get to work outdoors.

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