Updated 12 April 2021

Last week, the Global Travel Taskforce released its report about the return of international travel. Needless to say, we’re excited (and more than a little relieved) to see travel make a much-needed comeback. It’s official - we're on track for foreign holidays in 2021!

In line with the new traffic light system, destinations will be marked as red, amber or green according to their level of risk. The list is set to be published at the beginning of May. At first, we expect many countries to be on the red or amber list, but as vaccinations become more widespread and community transmission dwindles, we'll see the green list grow and grow.

Swing in a hammock in the Seychelles | Travel Nation

So, which destinations could make it onto the 'green list' first?

We’ve got our ear to the ground in the travel industry and dusted off our crystal ball.  Based on current data, we believe that the following countries may be granted early green status AND allow UK travellers entry (subject to medical requirements).

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the developments as they unfold. What’s more, our Travel Nation Promise means that you can book your trip with peace of mind, knowing that there’s plenty of flexibility, should anything go wrong. Our experts will guide you through all the requirements and testing kits available through our recommended government-approved partner. 

For now, we’re simply over the moon to see that holidays are back on the horizon. Take a look at the possible ‘green list’ below. While nothing is set in stone, it feels to us like a big step forward. With any luck, it won’t be too long before you’re lying on a tropical beach with a long-overdue cocktail in hand.

1. French Polynesia

Often billed as ‘Paradise on Earth, when it comes to French Polynesia, you can believe the hype. If you’re looking to bring your holidays back with a bang, there’s nowhere better. From the iconic lagoon of Bora Bora to secret island retreats such as Huahine, French Polynesia has something for everyone. Officially re-opening its borders from 01 May 2021, it's a winner.

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2. The Caribbean

Swaying palms, white beaches, warm turquoise – what’s not to like? It looks like several of the Caribbean islands could make it onto the initial green list, including Bermuda, St.Lucia, Barbados and Antigua & Barbuda. If you’re looking for a laid-back escape following a long year of lockdown, you really can’t go wrong.

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3. Mauritius

Another destination packed with dreamy beaches, Mauritius is brilliant for couples, families, and honeymooners alike. Golden sands circle the island, while the interior is a magical mixture of mountains, waterfalls and tropical forests. Add to that amazing street food and intriguing cultural heritage, and you’ve got yourself a great all-rounder.

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Explore the reefs and underwater waterfalls surrounding Mauritius | Travel Nation

4. The Maldives

For many people, the Maldives is a bucket-list topper. Warm sand between your toes, cyan-blue waters lapping at the shore and coral gardens teeming with fish – each of the Maldives’ 1,192 islands fits the tropical paradise bill, yet no two are quite the same.

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See incredible sunsets over the ocean in the Maldives | Travel Nation

5. Sri Lanka

Rich in wildlife and culture, packed with beautiful scenery and home to friendly people, Sri Lanka is perfect for all kinds of travellers. See fisherman on stilts at sunset, spot elephants on safari and laze on palm-fringed beaches. If they both make the green list, combine Sri Lanka with the Maldives for the trip of a lifetime.

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6. The USA

It’s looking possible that the USA could open its borders from June, putting American road trips back on the agenda. Whether you’ve dreamed about driving through the Deep South, seeing New England in Fall or cruising the Pacific Coast Highway, it represents a world of possibility.

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7. Seychelles

The castaway islands of the Seychelles are idyllic in every sense of the world. Think sun-drenched tropical gems floating in bright turquoise seas, with welcoming locals and fascinating culture to boot. Sink your toes in the sand and let the worries of the past year melt away.   

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8. Thailand

At the moment, Thailand is planning to re-open Phuket to vaccinated travellers in July and hoping to open further islands in October. If you've been craving a pad thai under a palm tree or banana pancakes on the beach, this could be your chance.

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