Not so long ago, taking a round the world flight was an uncomfortable experience where entertainment was non-existent. Food was largely unidentifiable and often inedible. Levels of comfort were good... for a contortionist. Thankfully those days have passed (for most airlines at least!) and every aspect of long haul air travel has improved vastly over the past decade as airlines compete to win over passengers.

If you’re about to embark on your round the world trip, you’ll be looking  for ways to minimise your discomfort during flights so that you’re ready to go from the moment you land.

(That is unless you’re very keen like Travel Nation's Chris, who avoided flights by cycling the length of South America!)

Here are our top tips to make those long haul flights 'fly' by...

Dress comfortably

Loose clothing is definitely best so go easy on the spandex! You might be pinning your hopes on getting upgraded if you wear something sharp, but you’re more likely to wish you’d stuck with your joggers and a T shirt...

Stop over

Breaking up your round the world flights not only gives your body a rest but also gives you the opportunity to discover a destination you might never otherwise visit. Particularly advisable if you’re travelling to Australia or New Zealand; your stop over options will depend on your ticket type but you could consider Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok in Asia, or perhaps Fiji, Tahiti or the Cook Islands in the South Pacific – but whatever you fancy – the Travel Nation consultants will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Packs some ear plugs

Truly, there is nothing that irritates the long haul traveller more than a noisy neighbour, especially if you’re stuck with them on a 12 hour flight. Take control of your environment, block out the noise and you’ll have a much better chance of getting some much needed sleep (the holy grail of long haul travel!). It's worth picking some up in the larger airports on your way through.

Make sure you drink plenty of water

Dehydration is a real risk on long haul flights which leads to headaches and fatigue and generally exacerbates any jetlag symptons. All airlines will keep you fed and watered throughout your flight and many now have a ‘raid the larder’ service where you can help yourself to drinks and snacks between meals. Even so, it’s a good idea to have your own bottle of water handy, especially if you nod off and wake up gasping for a drink...obviously you’ll need to buy this after you’ve gone through security.

Limit your alcohol intake

Although the slightest mention of ‘free bar’ is likely to awake the latent student in many of us, it’s wise to consume alcohol conservatively as alcohol can dehydrate you even more than usual during a flight. Arriving at your destination bleary eyed with your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth is not a good look and it’ll feel even worse if your destination is hot!

Move around during the flight

We don't mean fidgeting - make sure you get up regularly, move around and have a stretch. If you’re not going to wear those anti-DVT knee high flight socks your Mum packed you off with, you'd better get some stretching in.

Choose good quality airlines

All airlines are not created equal and although each airline has upped their offering, your consultant will be able to advise you which airlines offer the best seat pitch, the best entertainment systems and the most comfortable environment. We’re used to working with all the airlines and alliances, so we can always find you the most comfortable flight for your requirements.

Take a neck pillow

This is a great way to enhance your comfort onboard and invaluable if you want to try and get some sleep. Sometimes there’s just no way to get comfortable without one of these.

Take an overnight flight

If you have a choice of flights, many people prefer overnight flights as it’s generally easier to sleep . This will also save you one night’s accommodation costs, although see #3 and #9 don’t forget the ear plugs and neck pillow to assist!

Consider upgrading

The ultimate way to enhance your flying experience is to upgrade (obviously not an option for many people), but flying Business Class round the world is a completely different experience to economy and well worth the money for a really special trip! We have some surprisingly good value deals in Business Class but if it's beyond your reach, many airlines such as Virgin, British Airways and Qantas offer a premium economy service with extra leg room and enhanced service.

Air New Zealand also offers the revolutionary Skycouch, three economy seats which turn into a couch. If you’re interested in booking round the world flights or multi stop flights – these are our speciality. We’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for, for a budget that suits you – in fact you might be surprised how far your budget can take you! Just call us on +44 1273320580, contact a consultant directly or request a quote.

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