As soon as you board the Premium Economy cabin with Air New Zealand you’ll be glad you paid a little extra - it’s easy to see why Air New Zealand’s Premier Economy is recognised as the best in the sky (Best Premium Economy Cabin - Skytrax 2018). You can expect ink-coloured luxury leather seats, with generous armrests, a leg rest and extendable foot support; they’ve got luxury down to a tee, and that means there's some icing on your cake to come…

Air New Zealand Premium Economy Cabin Walkthrough

Premier Economy makes luxury affordable

As a previous premium economy cynic, I was adamant it would not be possible to feel genuinely comfortable on a long haul flight unless you had the luxury of lying down – somewhat of a pipe dream for me. But if you fly in Air New Zealand Premier Economy, they have the affordable luxury balance just right. Look forward to:

  • More personal space
  •  Free standard seat select
  • Two pieces of carry on (up to 7kg each)
  • Two pieces of checked luggage (up to 23kg each)
  • Inflight entertainment
  • Complimentary meal and drinks from our Premium Economy menu
Premium Economy seat reclined | Review Air New Zealand Premium Economy Class

Stretch out and recline

After indulging (over-indulging, on my part) in the sesame crusted prawns, closely followed by the sage-rolled chicken, you can sit back with your seat smugly reclined 50% more than those down the back. Enjoy all the legroom you need to stretch your legs - there is 42” of space in front – something that isn’t encroached on by the person sitting in front of you.

Air New Zealand Premium Economy Spacesaver seat

Entertainment from wheels-up to touch down

Before you’ve even started rolling down the runway – the fun begins. You have immediate access to 1,700 hours of entertainment, including some of the latest box office movies, TV shows and video games at your fingertips on your 10.6” personal touch-screen TV. Your viewing will only be interrupted by one of Air New Zealand’s wicked tongue in cheek safety skits like this Hobbit-themed video from 2012. And guess what? The film will keep on rolling until after you’ve landed! Gone is the old bugbear of having your movie cut short when you still have an hour to land and being left to twiddling your thumbs and think about just long it’s been since you last showered.

On-demand snacks and drinks via your touchscreen

While enjoying the entertainment channels, why not go the whole hog and make it a real cinema experience, ordering a bite to quell that hunger pang you don’t really have or a tipple of New Zealand’s renowned premium wines? Order via your touchscreen that’s only an arm stretch away and drinks and snacks will be delivered straight to your seat.

Air New Zealand food and drink

Interested in Air New Zealand Premier Economy?

Air New Zealand provides excellent links if you wish to connect to other destinations in New Zealand and Australia and stops in the South Pacific, including the Cook Islands. If you’re interested in flying with Air New Zealand, I can advise you on the best aircraft, routes, and seats, as well as your stopover options. Just contact Annette with your plans, and I can help you book multi-stop flights or your entire trip.

See our review of Air New Zealand Business Class cabins too (if you’re looking for a further upgrade!)

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