The Maldives are well-known as an idyllic setting for a romantic holiday and a clear winner when celebrating a honeymoon, wedding or special anniversary.

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit on two occasions; we stopped over on one of the first holidays I took with my (now) husband so it seemed fitting that we returned for a child-free mini-break to celebrate 10 years of marriage!

Consider Maldives multi-centre holidays

If you have at least 2 weeks of precious holiday time, there are plenty of options to create a twin-centre Maldives holiday – for example you could combine the Maldives with Sri Lanka, as the flight between the two is just 1.5 hours.

This combination is what I did for my first trip to the Indian Ocean and both destinations really complement each other. The Maldives offer luxurious accommodation and resorts, whilst Sri Lanka also has wonderful beaches but is also rich in culture with many sights, museums and cultural attractions and plenty of opportunities to meet the locals. Combining these two Indian Ocean destinations means you can indulge in the Maldives and enjoy a fun-filled, action-packed sightseeing tour of Sri Lanka.

We flew direct to Colombo with Sri Lanka Airlines which takes just under 11 hours from London, but you could also use Emirates to combine Sri Lanka and the Maldives via Dubai.

Sri Lanka is the perfect multi-centre holiday option to combine with the Maldives

The Maldives: how, where and why?

If you take the short flight from Sri Lanka, it’s spectacular; as you fly over the many tiny atolls dotted across the Indian Ocean but nothing quite prepares you for your arrival!

The airport is situated on its own island, so you will either take a sea plane or speedboat transfer to your resort. You’ll feel like royalty here as the sea planes line up like black cabs waiting to whisk you off to paradise! For me, this was a real trip highlight as our sea plane landed in the lagoon of our resort and we were then taken by a traditional fishing boat to the pontoon of the island.

How to choose the right resort

One of the trickiest things about visiting the Maldives is choosing one of the Maldives resorts to stay at, because there are nearly 90 luxury resorts; all situated on idyllic private islands. As each resort occupies its own island, you’ll feel the benefit of this seclusion and intimacy. The staff will seem almost invisible but yet know your name and even remember which aperitif you prefer after just one day in the resort.

My recommendation would be to establish your budget and to ask us for both all-inclusive and full board. Be aware there’s no popping-to-a-local-restaurant for dinner; you’ll be dining in the resort so you might as well prepay for your meals.

In terms of other costs to consider; the island resorts that are further from the airport in Male rely on seaplane transfers which are more expensive, but are certainly an adventurous way to arrive at your accommodation! You should also consider choosing a resort based on the activities you want to do; visiting local islands, diving, spa treatments or snorkelling to mention a few. With such a huge array of resorts – we can certainly help you find the perfect place for your special break.

Take your pick of dreamy island resorts!

Maldives on a budget

Although the Maldives has a deserved reputation as a luxury destination with ‘A-listers’ taking over islands and spending extortionate amounts of money – believe it or not, it’s also possible to stay in the Maldives on a budget.

We offer a number of small group tours of the Maldives, including a cruise and also a Maldives & Sri Lanka twin-centre adventure – ask us for more advice.

Accommodation-wise, prices can start as low as £25/night for a double room, so there is something for everyone. If you’re backpacking around the world, we can easily incorporate the Maldives into your round the world ticket. Perhaps you’ll start by backpacking the Maldives and return later to do it in style for your honeymoon or a marital milestone like we did!

Group tours can be a great way to see the Maldives on a budget!

Interested in a Maldives holiday?

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