If you’re looking at multi-centre holidays; Hong Kong and Borneo make a really easy combination. Fly direct to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific for a 3 or 4 night stopover exploring this energetic and exciting city then hop on the short, 3 hour flight to Kota Kinabalu to start your Borneo adventure – city and wildlife all in one trip! 

Hong Kong, ‘Pearl of the Orient’

The first time I visited Hong Kong was at the tail-end of 5 months’ backpacking; this time I had the time and money to fully appreciate everything on offer – and Hong Kong definitely deserves a repeat visit! Take a look at our Hong Kong stop-over package for a quick and easy stopover solution. 

Harbour cruise and harbour views

One of the best things we did was to take a pre-dinner harbour cruise; an opportunity to get a real sense of the size and density of the city landscape and skyscrapers. Being a bit of a ‘country bumpkin’ and living in Brighton, skyscrapers aren’t something I come across often, so this was a contrast! Hong Kong is one of the best places in the world to take a scenic ferry crossing because of the great views you’ll get.

Victoria Peak – tips to avoid the crowds

Getting up to the famous Victoria Peak is an absolute must but because everyone goes, it is a bit of a tourist trap. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the massive queues and disappointments from my good friend who has lived in Hong Kong for the past 8 years (you can’t beat a bit of insider info);

Firstly, ask your hotel concierge to book you a table at ‘The Peak Lookout’ in advance. The Peak Lookout is an extremely popular restaurant and is always busy, mainly because of the views, but the food is also very good. There are a few restaurants on Victoria Peak, but this is THE place to go.

Secondly; most people travel to and from the peak using the Peak Tramway, a funicular railway that travels up and down all day which is really fun. However, you're best taking a taxi up the peak, and using the tram for the journey back down; the tram queues are always far longer to go up, so you'll save some time and still get to take the classic tram ride down!

5* treats if you can't justify staying in a 5* hotel!

I highly recommend heading to one of the luxury 5* hotels and visiting the bar or restaurant. Not everyone can afford to stay in a 5* hotel but dropping in for a cocktail or treating yourself to dinner is more affordable and in most cases you'll get fantastic views over the city as well.

If you’re on a budget in Hong Kong, see our ideas for Free things to do in Hong Kong!


Borneo is a perfect holiday destination; you can achieve quite a lot in a short amount of time and come away without feeling you’ve missed out on anything.  Have a look at our Top 10 things to do in Borneo and also my ideas for a 10-day itinerary that would work for a Borneo wildlife holiday:

Kota Kinabalu (2 nights)

My trip to Borneo started with couple of nights in Kota Kinabalu so we could visit Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Springs.

We had a private guide who took us to his favourite market where we got to try loads of fruits and vegetables that I didn’t recognise (and certainly couldn't pronounce!) before showing us a great spot with stunning views of Mount Kinabalu. I recommend using a local guide as they’ll show you so many interesting things you would overlook on your own.

Sepilok: a visit to the Orang-utans (1 night)

Leaving Kota Kinabalu early in the morning, you can take a short flight to Sandakan, the gateway to Sepilok, home to the Sepilok Orang-utan sanctuary about an hour’s drive away.

This was one of my trip highlights! I got to see the baby orang-utans at breakfast time – I could have spent hours watching them play and interact with each other. The great thing about the sanctuary is that the fully grown orang-utans are free to come and go and the young ones are looked after until they can fend for themselves.

It’s a really interesting place to visit and a lot of fun walking through the jungle watching out for orang-utans! There are some lovely lodges to stay in Sepilok, which really add to the jungle feel so staying a night in Sepilok is a great idea. 

Kinabatangan River : cruising the river and wildlife spotting (2 nights)

From Sepilok, we headed out further away from civilisation and to the Kinabatangan River. This is where it starts to feel like a real wildlife adventure! The Kinabatangan River is vast and I was taken aback at my first glimpse. It peacefully winds its way through the immense jungle, flat and calm.

This are is where you go to find wildlife of all sorts. I spent two days taking river cruises and night treks through the jungle and the list of animals I saw (and heard!) is long! Birds, especially hornbills are a big thing here, and you’ll see plenty of them. I wasn’t really interested in birds before I arrived, but the more I learnt and saw, the more interested I became.

The other big draws are of course the monkeys, specifically the Proboscis monkey. Famous for its long, slightly odd-looking nose, they are found all along the banks of the river. I saw a whole family swinging around and play fighting – they really are quite a sight!

It’s also possible to see orang-utans in the wild if you’re very lucky, and, believe it or not - pigmy elephants! Unfortunately I didn’t see either, but it was a lot of fun scouring the riverbank in hope, whilst gliding down the river.

Travel day: the tailor-made bonus

I really appreciated being on a tailor-made trip at this point; our travel today included a boat along the river, a car ride through the jungle, a flight to Kota Kinabalu, a car ride to the jetty and finally a boat to Gaya Island Resort. Every detail of the journey ran perfectly smoothly and it’s reassuring to have someone meet you at every point and to ensure that a complicated day of travelling works out flawlessly.

Leaving Sandakan airport, we headed off for the ‘R&R’ part of our trip at Gaya Island and I’d recommend this as a next stop.

Gaya Island: time for some rest and relaxation (3 nights)

Arriving at Gaya Island Resortis absolutely amazing. After a few days in the jungle I was starting to feel a bit frayed at the edges so walking into the air-conditioned lobby of the resort and being handed a cold towel and a fruity drink was an absolute blessing!

Borneo holidays aren’t complete without a bit of pampering and after a busy week of travel and adventure, I think it’s deserved! It also rounds off the perfect two week holiday; city life in Hong Kong, national park in Kota Kinabalu, jungle and wildlife in Sepilok and Kinabatangan, and then top it all off with beach and relaxation at Gaya Island. 

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