For most people, a round the world trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s something you’ll never forget, so it’s important to do it your own way. If flying in business class is also on your bucket list, a round the world trip is the perfect opportunity to make it happen. It requires a higher budget, but – trust us – it’s worth it.

We’re often asked whether business class round the world tickets represent good value for money. Put simply, YES. We believe that flying around the world in business is 100% worth the extra cost. Upgrading will make a world of difference to your experience of the entire trip, so if you can afford it, we can’t recommend it enough.

Need convincing? Here are 10 brilliant reasons to consider booking business class round the world flights. Don’t just dream it – do it!

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1. It’s excellent value for money per mile

A business class round the world ticket is far better value for money than a simple business class return to any destination. This is because a round the world ticket includes multiple flights that cover anything from 26,000 to 39,000 miles. When you consider the price per mile, it’s an absolute steal.

2. The in-built flexibility is fantastic for peace of mind

Unlike other flights, round the world tickets often include free date changes. Equally, you have the potential to re-route to alternative destinations, should anything go wrong with your original plans. In a world where COVID turned everything upside down in the blink of an eye, this is a brilliant benefit for travellers. 

3. Should you need it, the refund process is painless

In terms of the initial outlay, a round the world ticket is usually cheaper to than attempting to patch your round the world trip together with piecemeal one-way flights. it also leaves you less vulnerable if, for any reason, you can’t travel. Doing it piecemeal, you’ll be left tussling with multiple airlines, multiple refund policies and varying levels of customer service. You’ll also find that most cheap business class flights are non-refundable.

With a business class round the world ticket, you’re looking at one single refund, and the cancellation penalties are often as low as 10-20%. It’s a far more straightforward process and you’re likely to see far more of your initial money back.

4. You can experience business class on an assortment of airlines

Reputable round the world ticket providers such as One World and Star Alliance operate a huge network, covering over 1,000 destinations with over 20 different airlines. This means that you can try business class on multiple airlines, allowing you to compare the perks of each carrier. Now that is true luxury.

5. You’ll arrive feeling well-fed, well-rested and ready to explore.

There’s no getting around the fact that round the world trips involve several long, cross-continental flights. The comfort level in business class is radically superior to the economy cabin, so you’ll get great food and a decent rest on board. This means that you can arrive in each new destination refreshed and ready to explore. If your trip is fairly fast-paced, the series of flights can be energy-sapping, so it’s definitely worth considering an upgrade.  

6. The service is second to none

Compared to economy, the service in business class really is spectacular. Priority boarding, welcome drinks, multiple menu options, free wifi and no waiting to order from the bar. In fact, you’ll find there’s very little waiting at all. Everything is at your fingertips in business class and nothing is too much trouble. Rather than dreading each long-haul leg, your flights will become a highlight of your trip.

Virgin Atlantic Upper class cabin

7. Flat beds are the business

Flat beds in business class are far more comfortable than seats that recline all the way. Along with the bed, you’ll be treated to proper pillows and soft bedding, as well as eye masks and refreshing skin products. Order a nightcap from the bar, switch on a movie and lie back on your cosy hotel bed in the sky.

8. Lounge access is a true luxury

When it comes to long haul flights, lounge access is a small luxury that makes a BIG difference. Business class round the world tickets include lounge access as standard, so you’ll always have somewhere to settle between flights.

Most lounges have showers, free hot meals, comfy places to stretch out and a full bar offering complimentary drinks. It’s a chance to escape the bustle of the main concourse and recharge your batteries.

Virgin Atlantic Upper class lounge

9. Airport pick-ups are often included

Nowadays, many airlines offer chauffeur-driven airport pick-ups as part of their business class package. This means you can get your journey off to a calm and seamless start, without the stress of arranging transport to the airport. With some round the world tickets, you’re likely to qualify for multiple pick-ups and drop-offs, and it’s these small details that can make a big difference to the experience of your trip.

10. You’ll get frequent flyer points galore

If you’re a faithful collector of frequent flyer points, a business class round the world ticket will set you up brilliantly for many years to come. You’ll amass heaps of points for future adventures, saving you hard-earned money on your next trip. It’s a real benefit of business class.

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