Do you find yourself dreaming of windy, tropical locations to hone your kitesurfing or windsurfing skills? And do you curse getting into your wetsuit in the cold European winters (and summers!?).

If you can answer yes to these questions, it sounds like you could do with a round the world kite surfing holiday visiting the very best kitesurfing and windsurfing destinations! In these locations, you can ditch your wetsuit and fill your back pack with board shorts and kitesurf kit and head off for the most wind-fuelled, epic adventure of a lifetime.

To book a trip like this, contact me. As Travel Nation’s resident watersports fanatic, I’ve kited in Morocco, Thailand, Corsica and Egypt and taught windsurfing in France, Corsica and Wales.

We can plan all aspects of your kitesurfing or windsurfing holiday

Travel Nation is one of the few companies who can offer tailor-made round the world kitesurfing holidays; from kitesurfing advice, to flights, accommodation, tours and campervans to stash your kit in and help you seek out the best spots.

We'll take the hassle out of your adventure, helping you with the carriage of your kit whilst flying, advising when to go to each destination to get the best wind conditions, being contactable throughout your trip, and offering a free date change service so all you have to do is worry about which board shorts or bikini to wear!

If you have a non-kitesurfing partner, don't worry - there will be plenty of unmissable sights for them and paradise beaches to enjoy. This trip can also be mixed with diving, surfing and cultural activities to ensure you make the most of each destination.

Le Morne, Mauritius

Mauritius kitesurfing is a wind-hungry person’s dream; with stunning landscapes, warm waters and great waves and flat lagoons as your playground.

Mauritius is a windy paradise!

Located on the southwestern corner of this island, the Le Morne area harbours a flat water lagoon which is ideal for beginner kite boarders, plus veterans will find more formidable waves a little farther away at Manawa and One-eye.

The best time to visit this Indian Ocean gem (wind-wise) is May - October so there is plenty of opportunity to sample this world-renowned kite surf and windsurf destination throughout the year.

Sri Lanka

If you’re looking to kite surf in Sri Lanka, there are two ‘windy seasons’: the windiest is brought on by the south-west monsoon which is from May to September, delivering 20 knot winds day after day and peaking to 26 knots. From December to March, the north-west monsoon kicks in with a little less power, averaging between 17 - 20 knots.

There are wave riding spots, flat water lagoons, down-winders and warm tropical waters. Add in the friendly locals, great food, good value for money, interesting culture and sports such as surfing, wakeboarding, SUP and diving and this could be dubbed the ideal kite and windsurf destination.

Mui Ne, Vietnam

If you head to Vietnam, kitesurfing in Mui Ne will be a beautiful experience; tropical, sandy beaches lined with lush palm trees and behind the palms - huge Saharan-esque dunes with kilometers of beautiful red, yellow and white sands.

Kitesurfing in Mui Ne will be a beautiful experience

Mui Ne is located in the southeast of Vietnam, about 4 hours from Ho Chi Minh. In the last ten years, it’s gained a name as the kite surfing and windsurfing capital of Vietnam. It has retained a laid back, surf-vibe without the party crowds and pushy street vendors found in other more developed resorts and has been said to be one of the friendliest areas in Vietnam.

In season, the winds are super reliable and Vietnam has 230 days at over 12 knots. The main season runs from November to April when fairly gusty and regular winds blow over this region, with maximum wind speeds being up to 40 knots!

The summer winds aren’t as strong, so the waves are gentler. In the mornings there are light side-on shore winds, giving great conditions for beginner kite surfers and windsurfers.

If by some chance the wind isn’t blowing there’s also paddle boarding, kayaking and surfing on offer at Mui Ne Beach. If this destination sounds like you’re cup of tea then check out our hotels in Mui Ne and Pan Thiet – both ideal spots to be based right by the kite and windsurfing areas.

Boracay, Philippines

For Philippines kitesurfing, Boracay is probably Southeast Asia’s premier kite and windsurfing spot. Known for its stunning white sandy beaches and steady daytime winds, it really is a great place to spend some time and make the most of this cheap destination.

Boracay is probably Southeast Asia’s premier kite and windsurfing spot

On one side, you’ll find lots of beach-front luxury accommodation, while the other (windier) side is ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

The windy season is during the dry, winter months mid-November to mid-April, making Boracay perfect for kite surfers who are looking to escape the bitter chill of European winters. In addition to the wind sports, Boracay boasts tropical scenery, friendly locals and great nightlife. Other nearby islands like Luzon Mindanao and Siarago Islands offer surfing and the Visayas, Palawan, Romblon and Mindanao islands (amongst many others nearby) offer world-class diving - making the Philippines the perfect place to sample a variety of activities.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney may not be a world-renowned kite surfing and wind surfing destination, but there are plenty of spots, especially around the Botany Bay area. Why not try your hand at Sydney’s more famous board sport and have a go at surfing as well whilst you’re down under in Australia?

Cook Islands

No one needs an excuse to go visit this beautiful pacific island! Aitutaki lagoon is one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, let me tell you that the Cook Islands boast amazing kitesurfing conditions.

The best time to visit the Cook Islands is between May and October when the islands receive trade winds ranging from 15-30 knots. If you don’t want to take the 40-minute flight to Aitutaki, you could take the opportunity to kite and windsurf on the main island of Rarotonga. Check out some of our accommodation options available while enjoying this South Pacific island: Cook Islands hotels.

Maui, Hawaii

To kitesurf in Maui, Hawaii is to experience a tropical paradise, graced with steady trade winds year-round, ensuring it is one of the best locations in the world for wind-based sports.

The island is warm year round so it’s perfect for both beginners and those who are more advanced.

You’ll find the strongest winds from April to October; and for those seeking huge waves, winter (October to April) is the time to be here.

Maui’s world-class kitesurfing conditions are world-class; the island was  as a spot on the KSP world tour. Also, Maui offers a lot of space to kite surf and windsurf as surfers, snorkellers and sunbathers each head to the different beaches that are best-suited to their needs.

The island is warm year round, so it’s perfect for both beginners and those who are more advanced. When you’re not enjoying winds of Kanaha Beach by day, you can enjoy the lush interior, incredible sunsets, parties in Luaus and laidback Maui vibe.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

To the north shores of this Caribbean island, Cabarete experiences consistent year-round winds; giving it the perfect combination of flat water, excellent wave sailing and ‘down winders’.

Cabarete kitesurfing offers you a blend of beautiful, sandy beaches and warm turquoise seas and if you venture away from the beach, you’ll encounter unspoilt countryside. You only need to head a mile out of town to be in a completely undeveloped area.

Every June there is an international competition, but for the rest of the year, you’ll find there’s a laid back kite surfer vibe. The area has been split for kite surfers and windsurfers; Cabarete Kite Beach for the kiters, with windsurfers mainly located in Cabarete Bay – the areas are 15 minutes apart along the beach.

The wind conditions in Cabarete are pretty good year-round and the summer months (June to August) are exceptionally reliable for wind.

Fortaleza or Sao Paulo, Brazil

40 km north of Fortaleza in Brazil, you’ll find the best kite and windsurfing spots the country has to offer; starting with the famous Cumbuco and stretching 250 km further north to the wind-mecca of Jericoacoara.

Head to the wind-mecca of Jericoacoara

If you head to this part of northern Brazil, you should visit both these areas and experience a downwind kitesurf trip. The idea is to kite downwind along the beach from one kite village to the other. You kite along the coast line, stopping at lagoons and wave spots along the way and then stay each night at a different kite village.

The best time to visit the North of Brazil is between August and December when winds range between 18-26 knots at Cumbuco, and 26-34 knots at Jericoacoara and the waters are warm, so no wetsuits needed!

South of Fortaleza heading towards Sao Paulo there are also other spots to be tried; the wind here isn’t as consistent as in the Cumbuco area, but there are crowd-less lagoons to be had, and the wind still blows around 14-22 knots.

Tarifa, Spain

The Strait of Gibraltar forms the perfect wind tunnel between the European and African continents — perfect for the wind-powered water sports enthusiasts who flock there year round.

Why not make Tarifa kitesurfing your final stop on your round the world adventure?

Tarifa is one of the world’s meccas for kite boarders; not only for Spaniards and other Europeans but also for competitors from around the world. Why not make Tarifa kitesurfing your final stop on your round the world adventure?

One more to think about…

Here’s another world-renowned kite and windsurf destination to consider including on your trip:

La Ventana, Baja California

In Baja California, Mexico, the beautiful coastal town of La Ventana is graced with steady winds in a Large L-shaped bay.

The conditions are perfect for both beginners as well as more advanced kite surfers and windsurfers and the best time to catch the wind is between November and March.

The sparkling waters were declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site for its abundance of sea life and natural beauty, so rest assured the water quality is excellent. Enjoy warm, sunny days giving the perfect backdrop for your wind-powered sport of choice, plus you can look forward to some delicious Mexi-Cali cuisine when you get out after a hard day on the water.

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