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Air New Zealand

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If you’re travelling long haul, Air New Zealand is one award-winning airline that stands out from the competition and for the third year running, they’ve been voted ‘Airline of the Year’ by airlineratings.com.

Airline Ratings 'Airline Of The Year' acknowledges the best of the best in the airline industry. As well as in-flight product, airlines must be innovative, have a great route network and score highly for safety. In 2015, Air New Zealand also picked up the best awards for economy and premium economy class - so whichever cabin you fly in, you can expect great service.

See what you can expect from Air New Zealand's economy cabin

Air New Zealand 777-300ER Economy cabin. LHR - LAX

Our Air Product Experts recently caught up with Air New Zealand to ask them what’s new for 2016. They were pretty excited about two of their new routes which open up plenty of new possibilities for our customers' trips...

2 New Air New Zealand routes for 2016

This year Air New Zealand has added a couple of new routes to their network meaning you can now fly with them to 30 international destinations. Here’s what those new routes could mean for you in terms of a cool flight itinerary for your multi-stop trip:

1. Auckland to Buenos Aires

This new, direct Auckland to Buenos Aires route unlocks the possibilities of exploring South America and New Zealand on your round the world ticket. This is by far the best-value way to combine New Zealand and South America. Here's an example round the world ticket we've put together including this new Air New Zealand route:



Economy Class

Hong Kong
Cook Islands
Buenos Aires



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What does this mean for travellers?

For starters, the new route is absolutely the cheapest way to combine New Zealand and South America in your round the world ticket. Although you could fly Auckland - Buenos Aires on other round the world tickets, the Air New Zealand ticket is significantly cheaper. More for your money!

Secondly, using a round the world ticket (as in the example route above) opens up the opportunity to see more of the South Pacific. Uniquely, Air New Zealand round the world tickets are the only tickets to include the Cook Islands as a free stopover as well as Fiji and French Polynesia! Other airline tickets offer Fiji and French Polynesia, but bolting on a separate flight to the Cook Islands would cost you several hundred pounds more.

Looking for advice?

The best way to book your round the world ticket is to come to us with a list of destinations you're interested in. Our round the world flight specialists will do all the complicated work of picking exactly the right ticket for you. We have over 15 years' experience building complicated itineraries at great value prices and have plenty of tricks up our sleeve to save you money - just call us or request a quote by email.

Discover the colourful streets of La Boca district in Buenos Aires

Ideas for exploring South America off the back of this route

The arrival city of Buenos Aires is the perfect gateway if you want to explore Argentina or South America further, in fact why not find your feet with our Buenos Aires stopover package? From Buenos Aires, there are easy onward flight connections to Lima, Peru (4.5 hours), Rio, Brazil (3 hours) and Santiago, Chile (2.5 hours) – from where we can even help you hop over to Easter Island!

From the tango halls of Buenos Aires to the ice fields of Patagonia, Argentina is one big adventure. Home to the Andes Mountains and misty forests, it’s a country of prime beefsteaks and world-class wine, where you can hear the roar of Iguazu Falls and admire the beauty of the glaciers, go horse-riding with gauchos or even head to Ushuaia and set sail for Antarctica.

Using route 651 above, we can help you plan a trip to include independent travel, bus passes and authentic local experiences and add extra flights in South America to help you explore. From Buenos Aires, we can help you book a bus pass to explore Argentina and beyond or head up to Rio! Contact us for advice or get a quote.

2. Auckland to Houston, Texas

The new direct flight between Auckland and Houston, USA opens up America’s Deep South for the first time and provides a convenient gateway to explore the southern states.

Here's an example route we've constructed using this new flight, with an overland journey that gives you the opportunity to explore between Houston and New York:

What does this mean for travellers?

Before this route, you'd have to fly to New Zealand from an eastern USA hub (eg. LA, San Francisco) or from a western USA hub (eg. New York). The new route means that you could explore the Deep South instead, before flying onto New Zealand.

Houston is a great jumping off point for the home of country music – Nashville, Tennessee; the jazz capital of New Orleans; or the beach culture of Miami, Florida. Houston is also a key gateway city for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Looking for advice?

We always help you make the most of your budget and help you find the ideal route for your trip. You may not realise it, but anything is possible with flights; our flight experience means we can come up with incredibly cool combinations of routes that you won't find elsewhere - simply because we've been doing this for so long and know all the tricks! If you want to plan a route, call us for advice or request a quote by email.

Ideas for exploring the Southern USA using route 681

The example route above arrives in New York, the city that never sleeps - so first, why not take advantage of our New York stopover package? From here, take as much time as you like to head south and discover the diversity of the Eastern and Southern States, including the capital city of Washington and on to America’s five Deep South states with their rich musical roots and a long history of cotton picking.

In Tennessee, visit Dolly Parton’s theme-park and Elvis’s grave in Memphis. Click your heels in a Nashville honky-tonk bar and horse-ride through the Great Smoky Mountains, or explore the state’s historic plantation houses. The eastern states of Alabama and Georgia are equally appealing but to experience one of America’s most iconic cities, venture west to the state of Louisiana and arrive in New Orleans. If you like the sound of a New York to New Orleans adventure - see our 8 day Music, Mountains and monuments small group tour which covers a lot of these highlights.

An alternative flight itinerary suggestion would be to fly into LA and head east towards Houston. You could pick up a hire car and drive half of the famous Route 66 from LA to Oklahoma City before heading south through the Texan powerhouses of Dallas and San Antonio. If you'd like to arrange car hire, give us a call!

Cityscape at dusk in Houston, Texas

More reasons to fly long-haul with Air New Zealand

Economy Skycouch

    Want an extra bit of space on long haul flights? The Skycouch gives you room to stretch out - without breaking the bank. You can reserve it in advance or (subject to availability) ask the check-in staff and treat yourself to a mini upgrade on the day you fly.

    Hilarious in-flight safety videos

    Air New Zealand has really raised the bar when it comes to in-flight safety videos. Past offerings feature 'Men in Black', Bear Grylls and Lord of the Rings characters. Watch this space for a new video being launched in Spring 2016!

    Men In Black Safety Defenders #AirNZSafetyVideo

    Unaccompanied minors wristband

    If you're a parent of a child flying solo (probably not on a round the world ticket!), you can now follow your child's journey every step of the way with Air New Zealand's lastest innovation - the Airband™.

    Interested in including one of these Air New Zealand routes in your itinerary?

    If you’re interested in any of these new routes, we can help you combine them with other flights to build your dream multi-stop trip. For more ideas, give us a ring or contact us for a trip quote today!

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