Turquoise waters, lush landscapes, and the warm embrace of the sun on your skin – French Polynesia is truly a tropical paradise. Home to 118 castaway islands scattered around a series of azure lagoons in the South Pacific, it’s easily one of the most stunning places on the planet. If you’re searching for a bit of barefoot bliss, there’s nowhere better.

Most travellers hop between islands by plane or ferry, but it’s also possible to explore this stunning archipelago by booking a sailing charter. If you're in the market for an unforgettable adventure with no crowds and a pure sense of freedom, a yacht charter in French Polynesia is the perfect solution.

Book a yacht charter in Bora Bora | Photo credit: Tahiti Tourisme and Gregoire Le Bacon

Wake up somewhere new each day, take a dip straight off your deck, snorkel in secluded spots, and explore parts of French Polynesia that other tourists just don’t reach. Who needs an overwater bungalow when you’ve got your own private catamaran? It’s a brilliant way to get a different perspective on the islands of Tahiti.

Here are a few excellent reasons to book a sailing charter in French Polynesia. Grab your passport, dust off your deck shoes, and sail into the South Pacific horizon. Whether you're seeking secluded beaches, castaway romance, thrilling adventures, or a chance to immerse yourself in this unique culture, a sailing charter offers the perfect blend of freedom and discovery.

1. Discover your own hidden paradise

French Polynesia is home to a handful of glamorous big hitters. Bora Bora, Moorea, and Tahiti have all become media darlings that represent the archetypal postcard-perfect paradise.

However, there are a further 115 islands in French Polynesia to explore, many of them equally as beautiful as Bora Bora. A sailing charter will allow you to cast anchor at lesser-known islands and atolls, giving you the chance to discover your own private paradise.

Discover the untouched beauty of Huahine, explore the enchanting coral gardens of Rangiroa, and sail to the pink sands of Tikehau. With a sailing charter, you have the freedom to navigate off the beaten path, uncovering the region's hidden gems at your own pace.

Huahine lagoon, French Polynesia

2. Enjoy absolute privacy

French Polynesia’s beauty is no longer a secret, so its popular tourist destinations can sometimes feel a little busy. By opting for a sailing charter, you can leave the hustle and bustle of Bora Bora in search of absolute privacy on the water. Fall asleep to the sound of waves lapping against your boat, wake up to breathtaking scenery, and enjoy a feeling of total tranquillity.

If you’re planning a honeymoon, a yacht charter is a wonderful way to do French Polynesia differently. These islands attract honeymooners from all over the planet, so you won’t feel alone in Bora Bora’s resorts. In contrast, a sailing charter will provide complete seclusion and set your honeymoon apart from the crowd. Now THAT’s romance.

Relax on your private catamaran in French Polynesia | Photo credit: Tahiti Tourisme and Gregoire Le Bacon

3. Make your own rules

Any holiday to French Polynesia will be relaxing – this is a place to embrace the idea of ‘island time’. However, resorts will still offer meals between specific hours, boats between islands will operate on fixed schedules, and day tours will follow preset itineraries.

A sailing charter is a completely different story. Your skipper will have a loose itinerary in mind, but this may change according to weather conditions and other natural factors. You can stop to snorkel when you find a spot rich with marine life, moor up at tiny beaches to meet the local fishermen, and swim in isolated bays.

Book a yacht charter in French Polynesia | Photo credit: Tahiti Tourisme and Gregoire Le Bacon

4. Feel like a film star for a few days

While a yacht charter in French Polynesia isn’t wildly more expensive than staying in overwater bungalows, it feels far more exclusive. Your private catamaran comes with your own skipper, cook, and guide, giving you the chance to live the VIP lifestyle for a few days. You’ll receive top-class onboard service, delicious meals, and sundowners in sensational places. It’s glamour on the high seas.

5. See French Polynesia from a difference perspective

From towering volcanic peaks to tropical forests and crystal-clear lagoons, French Polynesia boasts unparalleled beauty. With a sailing charter, you'll have a front-row seat to a spectacular natural show, with mesmerizing sunrises, colourful coral reefs, and hidden bays.

Watch pods of dolphins play in the wake of your catamaran, snorkel with stingrays, and sail into fiery sunsets. Whether you're an avid photographer or simply a nature lover, French Polynesia offers an awe-inspiring canvas of sights and sounds that will leave you spellbound.

Explore the forests, beaches and lagoons of Moorea | Travel Nation

6. Embrace the spirit of adventure

Sailing in French Polynesia isn't just about soaking up the sun and admiring the views - it's an adventure waiting to unfold. With the wind in your sails, you can glide across the mill-pond waters of lagoons, hop from one castaway island to another, and explore secluded bays accessible only by boat. You’ll be able to go snorkelling, paddleboarding, kayaking, and fishing straight from your catamaran, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Go paddleboarding at sunset in French Polynesia | Travel Nation

7. Experience local culture and cuisine

French Polynesia is a fusion of French and Polynesian influences, resulting in a rich and vibrant culture. A sailing charter in French Polynesia gives you the chance to experience the authentic traditions of the islands and get a taste of the local cuisine. Watch traditional dances, learn the ancient art of Polynesia weaving, visit pearl farms, and sample poisson cru (marinated raw fish).

With a catamaran, you’ll have more opportunities to interact with friendly locals and feel the warm Polynesian hospitality. You’ll be able to swap to your small tender and moor up at tiny motus to meet the local fisherman. You can also head to shore to pick up supplies at local markets and visit villages beyond the reach of most tourists to Tahiti.

Meet the locals in French Polynesia | Photo credit: Tahiti Tourisme

8. Create a varied itinerary

Booking a private yacht charter for your entire trip in French Polynesia is likely to be extremely cost-prohibitive, so we recommend adding 3 or 4 nights of sailing to your itinerary. This will give you a chance to explore French Polynesia by land and by sea. It will also provide a few days of ultimate luxury and make a change from staying in onshore resorts. It’s the perfect Polynesian balance!

Explore the lush island of Raiatea | Photo credit: Tahiti Tourisme and Audrey Svoboda

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