If you’ve found yourself at a cross roads lately thinking 'what shall I do now?', either finishing school or post-uni, it’s possible that your thoughts have turned to the idea of travel.

Be honest with yourself - if your enthusiasm for researching cool destinations on Pinterest is disproportionately more alluring than getting stuck into clearing, or finding a job, it’s definitely worth taking the time to consider taking a gap year and getting some advice on how you could do it, (and do it on a shoestring!)

Here are a few reasons why now is the perfect time to book your round the world ticket...

1. A fresh start

Make the decision to take the plunge and travel | Photo credit: Kiwi Experience

If you’ve recently had your exam results, hopefully they’ve got you into where you want to go, but it’s never just that simple is it? Do you know for sure that you want to snap up a last-minute uni place through clearing? Do you need some time out to think about exactly which course and institution is best for you? Travel can clear your head, help you reassess what’s important to you, and maybe get people off your back about what you want to do for the next step in your life – which is a pretty big decision, isn’t it?

2. Help out by volunteering your time

Now could be the perfect time to do something really rewarding with your life

By incorporating some voluntary work as part of your round the world trip, you could use your time wisely and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. So whether you fancy working on a turtle conservation project in Costa Rica, volunteering in the favelas of Rio, or volunteering with kids in Peru, now could be the perfect time to do something really rewarding. Often your food and board is included in the cost of working on these projects, which gives it a kind of all-inclusive-but-on-a-shoestring feel!

3. Political and economic uncertainty

Escape uncertainty and see the world!

It's fair to say that things haven't been headed the way many younger people anticipated over the past few years, what with the EU referendum and the recent election result and not much clarity about the future. If you’re tired of hearing about Brexit, inflation and the general doom, why not take some time away from it all? With any luck, by the time you get back the outlook will be a bit brighter and with your new clearer perspective, the task of finding a job might come a little easier!!

4. You’ll never regret the decision to go travelling

You'll never regret the decision to go travelling | Photo credit: James Harris/Mighty Campers

It’s true. If you’re 18 and coming out of 13 years of education, or 21 and heading out into the employment market as a graduate - making the decision to swap the safety of the familiar for the excitement of the unknown can be daunting, for sure. But once you’ve done it, you’ll never look back. Travelling the world is a life enriching and often life changing experience; you’re far more likely to regret the decision not to travel.

5. If not now, when?

Taking a gap year - the memories of a round the world trip will stay with you forever

There will always be reasons keeping you from travelling – and many people who miss the post-education opportunities for travel find that it’s years before they’re strings-free to travel again. Once you make the decision to take the plunge, it’s amazing how easily obstacles that seemed insurmountable can be overcome. Just remember, putting your day to day life and career on hold only needs to be temporary – the memories of a round the world trip will stay with you forever. If you need any more persuasion – read why we love what we do (which is: sending people on amaze-balls trips!)

Where's your head at?

Wherever you’re head’s at – if you’re thinking of taking a gap year for a month, 3 months or 6 months – we can give you some ideas and help turn it into reality. If you have a budget in mind, try searching for round the world tickets by fare or check out our budget-friendly campervans and small group tours. We can make an itinerary work, so don’t assume anything is fixed. If you want to go – we can certainly make it happen!

As soon as you're ready, call any of our friendly consultants on +44 1273320580 or request a quote by email. We’re here to help!

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