If you consider a car as little more than somewhere to keep warm while you sit in traffic on your way to work, you’re not getting the most out of your driving experience!

A road trip can be the key to unlocking some of the greatest adventures in the world. Nothing beats the thrill of the open road, particularly if the road you’re on just happens to be one of these 5 amazing road trip ideas...

The Garden Route, South Africa

Drive along South Africa's spectacular Garden Route

You might be surprised to learn that Africa’s premier driving experience is not in a safari truck, craning your neck for a view of that elusive big cat.

It’s actually in a hire car on the south-eastern coastline of South Africa. It’s unlikely that you’ll see any lions or cheetahs, but you will be treated to some of the most spectacular coastal scenery anywhere on the planet. On one side you’ll have sweeping views of glorious beaches, pounding surf and jutting headlands. On the other, dense rainforest and soaring mountains provide the spectacular backdrop. Just make sure you remember to keep your eyes on the road! Easily accessible from Cape Town, it’s possible to include The Garden Route on any trip.

Icefields Parkway, Canada

Drive at your own pace through Canada's national parks

Canada’s Highway 93, or the Icefields Parkway as it’s more commonly known, cuts through the heart of the breathtaking Canadian Rockies. It’s a 144 miles journey through jaw-dropping scenery, a landscape of snow-capped peaks punctuated by turquoise lakes, pristine forests and ancient glaciers. It’s possible to drive the whole route in one day but take a couple or three to make the most of this heavenly place. Best avoided between October and May when snow and ice make the route impassable.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Drive out of Melbourne on the Great Ocean Road

For driving buffs, the Great Ocean Road is firmly on the ‘must do’ list for Australia. This 150 mile stretch of road hugs the coastline southwest of Melbourne, from Geelong to Portland certainly lives up to its name, offering a dramatic seascape of amazing rock formations and sheer cliff faces, shaped by the awesome power of the Southern Ocean. The highlight is the Twelve Apostles, a dozen striking limestone towers stranded in the sea. There are plenty of charming coastal towns to explore and it’s within a couple of hour’s drive from Melbourne.

We can arrange car or campervan hire from Melbourne or Adelaide, or include the Great Ocean Road as part of a longer Australia road trip.

Highway 1, USA

Drive along California's beautiful Pacific Coast Highway

Hire a convertible, turn the music up loud (preferably the Beach Beach Boys) and hit the road California-style on an amazing USA road trip! This famous USA highway, the setting for countless films, snakes along the Pacific Coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco through the stunning Big Sur National Park. You’ll drive alongside glorious beaches, dramatic cliffs and jutting peninsulas, as well as the magnificent beaches houses of Hollywood’s A-list of course. Start in Los Angeles and you’ll finish up by crossing the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco; not a bad way to end your trip.

These routes could be driven in either direction with a car or campervan hire, making a Los Angeles stopover at one end and a San Francisco stopover at the other.

Big Island, Hawaii

There's a photo opportunity around every corner in Hawaii

Hawaii’s Big Island is like nowhere else on earth and the best way to appreciate it is to drive round it. You’ll pass alongside active lava flows, lush forest, cool highlands and tropical beaches. Not to mention lava deserts, rolling farmland and towering mountains. Allow plenty of time for any journey on this magical island as an irresistible photo opportunity waits behind every bend in the road.

Interest in road trip ideas?

If you like the look of any of these road trip ideas, we can recommend campervans for all budgets, from shoestring to luxury, or good value car hire. We can also recommend round the world flights and longer tailor-made holidays. Call us to speak to a consultant who’s done this kind of trip, on +44 1273320580 or request a quote.

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